About Us

Welcome to the dark side of the light

Who Are We

We are Visual Arts and Entertaiment company specializing in event lighting and special effects.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create unique, breath-taking, fresh and amazing lightshows, fixture placements and designs.

What We Do

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Our history

MGLightning idea was creates back in 2014 and realized in 2021. Over the span of these 7 years we have accomplished over 600 projects, gained about happy 150 clients and massively improved on our knowledge, experiences and work. We are always looking to improve, to learn from our mistakes and bring the best possible service we can.

Our 6-D process



In collaboration with a client we will discover all problems before they can occur.



Depending on a problems, we will find the best possible solutions for the client.



Depending on the problems and resources we will design the best stage solution for a client



Based on problems and design we will programe the best possible light show.



Controlling the light show on design with no problems.



Rounding up the whole light show process with after project talk, what went wrong, fixes and over-all experience and review.

Why choose us?

Best Quality Designs

We will always come up with fresh, unique designed optimized for the place of the event

10×6 Live Support

We are avaliable 6 days per week from 10am to 6pm if you need any help for your event. For free

Result Oriented Projects

We always have a talk with a client after the project for over-all review.

Best Techniques

Using up-to-date software and following every security procotion when designing and setting up stage as well as looking after them even between the show

Experienced Professionals

Team with years of experiences, ideas and focus to deliver the best possible show.

Projects Completed
Happy Clients